Frequently asked questions

“What does the booking process look like?”

Normally if we are contacted with an inquiry we will respond within 24 hours and give you the details/answers you are looking for, along with a link to our pricing guide. Once you officially book, you’ll be sent an info sheet and contract to sign and send back to us! We also prefer to sit down and meet or FaceTime with couples before the wedding if we aren’t shooting your engagements to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have, but after that it’s smooth sailing until the wedding day!

“How long does it take to get our photos to us after the wedding?”

On our contracts we specify that you will receive your photos within six weeks. The general rule of thumb is that it takes three hours of editing for every hour of shooting. You may have your photos back earlier than six weeks, but also keep in mind that during busy wedding seasons there may be 5-6 weddings being edited ahead of yours. Don’t worry, we send a few sneak peaks here and there to make sure you have something to post:)

“Do you shoot LGTBQ+ Weddings?”

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love! To sum it up: Yes! We do.

“Do you shoot anywhere besides arkansas? What about destination weddings or elopements?”

Yes!! Please! We are available to travel just about anywhere. Currently we are located in central Arkansas, but we have photographed couples in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, New York, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Maryland, and more! We would love to add some more locations to our list!

“How many photos will we receive?”

Generally, a normal 10 hour wedding day generates around 400-500 edited photos. However, every wedding is unique, and sometimes those numbers can be skewed slightly depending on the number of guests, wedding party, or family in attendance.

Engagements and bridals normally generate between 70-100 photos.

“What kind of equipment do you use?”

I use top of the line Nikon camera bodies and lenses . All of my second shooters use full frame cameras whether that be Nikon or Canon. Typically I shoot with prime lenses but I have been known to use the 70-200 and 24-70 frequently when shooting weddings as well :)